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Fire and Ice, artwork by Matthew Campbell

“Fire and Ice,” by Matthew Campbell.

Fire and Ice



Matthew R. Campbell lives in Colorado, creating all kinds of art and occasionally raising creatures from the pits of Hell. He currently lives in the backwoods where he fires upon trespassers.

Three Poems by Jamie Townsend


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“There is No Next World” from Erased to be Remembered, by Brandon Arthur

Though Oliver might not have always been able to remember much, he knew this world was one he had never been granted access to before. A new stone mansion overlooked a broad street in a neighborhood of the city Oliver didn’t know existed. Furnished with ancient portraits and faded daguerreotypes, the deep red of the interiors exuded a moneyed superiority one can only be born to inherit—even if the walls were the only vestiges of a heralded past.

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