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Jubilette by Sarah Kramer

You are a child, riding in a car being driven by your mom. They tell you that you are going to the fanciest restaurant in the entire world. You can barely contain your excitement. You are jumping from seat to seat like a monkey, making up songs in celebration of your trip. Your mom shows no signs of irritation from this behavior, so you continue, getting yourself more and more amped up as you dance. Suddenly you ride right off a cliff. You scream with a mix of fear and excitement as you plummet to your destination. You are thrown around the car as it makes a bouncing crash at the bottom. Your mom remains calm, and rolls the windows down.

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“As Theatre Light,” a response to “Lunar Natatorium” by Greg Bem

Greg Bem read the excerpt we published from Nicholas DeBoer’s  “Lunar Natatorium,” and was compelled to write a response poem.

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