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After-Life, by Diego Valdez


Tony came because my mother had been a valuable customer.  I guess there’s no other way to describe a woman who’s dropped that kind of coin.  He hadn’t changed much since the last time I’d seen him all those years ago. Time had been generous to Tony.  He had slivers of silver through his hair — that was new — but he wore the same style dark suit and red tie I had seen him in the first time we’d met.  He was cool, calm, and never let his smile drop.  The qualities of every good salesman.

“What’s going to happen to my wife’s soul?!”

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The Eskimo Vaporizer, by LB Sedlacek


A telegram beeps across the screen:

“The Whirlpool Galaxy,

sculpted by wind and

radiation along with shock

waves generated by supernova explosions,

headed this way.

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