The Eskimo Vaporizer, by LB Sedlacek


A telegram beeps across the screen:

“The Whirlpool Galaxy,

sculpted by wind and

radiation along with shock

waves generated by supernova explosions,

headed this way.

You can identify it by

the Antennae.  Two prominent

tidal tails.

Galaxies in the process of

slamming together.”


Optical starlight pours down on

Alaska, on an igloo, an Eskimo.

He pulls out his laser gun,

zaps some fish, cooks them

up in a nanosecond.


Inside the igloo, a secret button,

pushed and the floor gives turning

into an elevator that zips towards

the earth’s core.  A second later

the Eskimo emerges zooming

into space fast then slower nearing

the clashing galaxies.  He watches

from afar, taking measurements and

readings.  Another button is

pushed, the galaxies implode.


The Eskimo laughs and says

“So much for universal domination.”



LB Sedlacek’s poems have been published in such publications as
“Fickle Muses,” “Down in the Cellar,” “Fables,” “Sea Stories,”
“Illumen,” “Mastodon Dentist,” “Assisi Journal,” “Tertulia Magazine” and
others.  LB’s latest chapbook is “Twisting.”

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