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Sweet Dreams, by Gregory K.H. Bryant


(From “…Sequences – Scripts for Animated Shorts”)


(3-4 minutes)


(soundtrack – silence for the first full minute – the suspicion comes to us that there is a problem with the audio track – faintly, a mere insinuation of ambient sound, a bare whisper which could be a breeze through the dry branches of a dead tree – do we really hear it?)


a bedroom in a Victorian home – the image on our screen is rendered entirely as a wood engraving, all in black and white – no color in this sequence – the images are all assembled as in a collage by Ernst – over the bed is a sumptuous canopy – in the bed are two nude children, a boy and a girl – they are sleeping, arms and legs incestuously entwined – we hear the subliminal whispering of the wind –


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Naked Astronaut, by W.Y. Johnson

A naked man wearing nothing but an astronaut’s helmet walks down a lonely stretch of highway. I first see him up ahead as a tiny speck, but each second brings more clarity in my vision. On an empty portion of burning pavement in pancake flat Kansas, this man steps toward his destination, whatever that might mean.

“You need a ride?” I ask through my open window, my car creaking to a standstill.

He opens the door and slides into the front seat, inches away from me. I can’t see his face through the copper-colored screen. I think: should’ve got those damn seat covers.

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