“Reckoning,” by Chris McCreary


Not so simple being both asp

& then caduceus,


this falling

always headlong into Eiffel


or under Acropolictic

ruin. Today our man is feeling



pseudo, only somewhat


so, & so he walks across

our crosswalks, his forehead’s


warning forever unread. By the

third hour, he turns


circumspect. What does he see?

He blinks in


big neon glitter, blinks out

hounds to the left of him, jackals


to the right.  What

does he hear? Choirs rise


out of howling. He tries writing

our history in his longhand


but its logic

sometimes lies: darkling autocorrects


to sparkle, flashes its black but then

goes away white.


What’s left to be said? Disappointed,

he throats & then his earlobes


spill quotidian like a letter

never sent. This is not his world.


This is windows

into could-is, his gimping


toward more.



Chris McCreary’s most recent book of poems is Undone: A Fakebook (Furniture Press, 2010), and a new chapbook, Elseworlds, is forthcoming from Cy Gist Press. An earlier version of “Reckoning” was published, under a different title and at about half its current length, in a limited-edition chapbook that accompanies the album You Make A Better Door Than A Window by Daniel Hales and the frost heaves (2012).

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