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Change in I, by J. Rohr


Like most physicists, Melinda Barrow never mattered to the public.  Not until she learned to see through time.  The sacrifice of an eye, a cost she willingly paid to prove herself correct, was all it took.  Early in her career she realized that light is the only thing which can travel at the speed of light, a concept that seemed simple, however, it implied to her the possibility of time travel.  Or rather, temporal observation.  The basis of her hypothesis was/is/will be summarized in an article in the June 17th 2056 The Economist.  In truth, this will be an extreme simplification of the process, that what light interacts with can be observed given the right conditions regardless of chronological distance, however, Melinda merely wanted people to understand her accomplishment, though she rarely minded being misunderstood.

Jacob Triffin decided to open a deli after his father died, not wanting to waste his life in the same corporate…

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