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Two Poems by Colin James


The slow, drooping unauthentic jaw.
Convulsions of apathy.
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Blackbird, by JD DeHart

Parchment messianic prognostications

Cryptic words about darkness

Some bit about flight

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Two poems by Chris Bullard


Free Willy as a Cryptic Reference to Free Will

We freed it

from a sandbar a kennel insolvency an evil stepmother,

but the damned thing refused

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Litter, by J.M.M. Carlson



neon lights flutter nervously

in the oily sky

in predictable dystopian fashion


an interminable flow of men coalesces and

like sand particles scattered by the water jet of

light, disappears again, back into

bubbles of silence converging and dying

screams fill the air

an undertone of whispers beneath


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Fabio Takes Me to the Cages Out Back by Jess Alfaro


I put on another layer of repellant and starblock. Fabio leads me from headquarters,

then jaunts off on his rounds. His arm points me down the path toward the newest find.


What hits me first: the lurid red faces, a striking contrast to their black bodies.

Not like other ones I’ve seen. Am I in the Amazon or outer space?


When I approach, some stay in the back upper corner, legs pulled up tight.

Others hang suspended from the ceiling. All of them stare, black eyes positioned


too close together on their crimson faces. Black hands wet with chunks,

fruit dumped in their trough, orange preferred over yellow or green,


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“Reckoning,” by Chris McCreary


Not so simple being both asp

& then caduceus,


this falling

always headlong into Eiffel

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The Eskimo Vaporizer, by LB Sedlacek


A telegram beeps across the screen:

“The Whirlpool Galaxy,

sculpted by wind and

radiation along with shock

waves generated by supernova explosions,

headed this way.

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Two poems by rob mclennan

lake, serious

a ship to shore; constructed
out a tin man, last seen reading

an elementary curve
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“As Theatre Light,” a response to “Lunar Natatorium” by Greg Bem

Greg Bem read the excerpt we published from Nicholas DeBoer’s  “Lunar Natatorium,” and was compelled to write a response poem.

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From “Lunar Natatoriam”, by Nicholas A. DeBoer

this       apperceive      crest up       sense

glisten      the moon      emerge    eir

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